In an AP story this morning, a Japanese composer working on the Tokyo opening ceremony has resigned after coming under fire for bullying classmates during his childhood. The keyword here being childhood. Are you kidding me? What the hell is going on here today.

The United States should have 300 million people on unemployment right now. I don't care if you're Pope Francis, Mother Theresa, Michele Obama or run a food bank. There isn't one person out there who did not bully someone else during their childhood. In fact, I would bet that the people who called for his exit also bullied someone during their childhood as well.

All of us have pockets full of regrets and things that we are not proud of but some things just come with the process of maturation and bullying happens when you are a child. Period. The worst part of this is that it's costing him his job and people now want him to pay the price for something he did as a kid. AS A KID.

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We have seen this over and over again with people who did things when they were young and reckless and now their jobs or careers are ruined when they have righted the ship. Physical abuse is a different story, but the natural evolution of a child to a fully educated productive adult has been happening for thousands of years. I was bullied by dozens of kids when I was younger and I bullied kids when I was younger. I guess I have to resign now like all of you. See ya in the unemployment line and no cuts or I'll call you something mean.

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