What the hell is the matter with parents?

There was an article this morning about parents' knowledge of their kids' achievement levels in school. Sixty percent of parents just assume that their kid is at the grade level they should be.

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The info shows that they are on average one year behind. Parents just are not checking and learning or even going to the teacher conferences.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So many options.

I heard from an educator this morning after that and parents in School District 2 have many opportunities to follow their children's progress. The High Schools send out weekly announcements with the kid's grades and if they are missing assignments. Almost every parent has access to Google Classroom which keeps you updated.

They are updated on the standardized tests they take and there are multiple conferences during the year for parent-teacher communications and open houses.

Seems to me the problem is the parents.

Take a general interest in your child. It will pay dividends. You brought them into this world so act like you care. Sixty percent now say that packing a lunch for school stresses them out and they would rather have a cavity filled. These are the kind of parents that shouldn't be. I know many of you think that's a little harsh but it's true.

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Kids are a great responsibility so take it seriously and care or they will struggle their whole lives as well. This trend must change if we are to have any hope at all. That's why it's good to see all the kids that help on Friday, it gives us hope ...

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