I saw this the other day and really had forgotten to post until I saw a few other stories about it. This was on the corner of 24th Street and King Avenue West. I have seen these folks (bloodstainedmen.com) before here in Billings, but not for a long time. We got into a discussion about this in my office. Should you or shouldn't you circumcise your baby?  There are so many different options on the subject.  Is it healthier to do so? Do they remember it and does it have a lasting effect on them, even if it's done when they are first born? Does it effect them as they grow older in certain situations?  Many times it is or is not done based on a Religious belief. We could argue for decades about the subject. KidsHealth.org has some pros and cons (according to their findings) that expectant parents might check out. There is also a website Intact America that has some interesting information on it. For me personally, I don't think seeing this would change my mind on the subject.

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