This makes me not want to publish anything on the internet. Yesterday, according to an article from the Associated Press, the U.S Surgeon General Vivek Murthy read from a 22-page advisory urging big tech, teachers, and media to step up their efforts to censor what they believe is misinformation. Murthy claims that it has led people to reject vaccines, public mandates on mask-wearing, and social distancing. That's his opinion, which goes along with the current party in power. His comments will not be deleted or blocked. Here's mine: people want to be free to make their own decisions on vaccines, distancing and masks. It's not based on information, it's based on liberty and freedom as an American. He also wants teachers and media to step up to expand lessons on media literacy. Okay, are conservative constitutionalists going to develop that curriculum? Or will it be someone from Biden's Education Department?

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Control--that's what this is about. Control media, education, and social media, and squelch anyone with an opposing view or opinion if they feel it's wrong. What?! Your first amendment rights are being attacked in one of the most blatant efforts I've ever witnessed. And the main point here is that the federal government is going to get involved in what they feel should be allowed and what's shouldn't. Opposing viewpoints are a huge part of the first amendment. It's the arena of ideas and discussion, and to limit and scrutinize what I believe or say is tyranny. Control the message and the information you want your citizens to hear. Are we China or America? I've had it with their attacks on our way of life and if any of this is changed or edited because someone else feels I'm misinterpreting what is being done here, then this is my last post. Have a great weekend and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

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