So we had the girls in from Job Service today to talk about the big Jobs Jamboree next week, March 20th, at the Pavilion.

I was shocked to hear some of the stats from Yellowstone County. They said that there are currently 2,000 jobs open and that's only from the ones that report them or list them as available. With an unemployment rate below 3 percent, it really is an employee market right now.

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If I was an employer looking for someone, here's a couple of tips that I would look for:

  • Punctuality is a must if you are going to work for me. Hours are flexible but when you're scheduled, be on time.
  • Shower. If you're not presentable at the job interview, I can only imagine how you might show up in front of my customers.
  • My starting salary is going to be based on your experience so be sure to have your ducks in a row and also references so I can verify your stories or dedication to your job.
  • Any educational or trade training should definitely be brought up during the interview.
  • Do not be glued to your phone or have a pack of cigarettes in your pocket at the time. It probably will work against you.
  • And last but not least, if you had to get the Job Service people to give you a call to get you up so you could be there at 11 when it starts, don't stop at my booth. I know I probably won't find anyone then to work for me...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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