Whether it be health care, education or....whatever, each state in this beautiful nation of ours soars in something that makes it the best place to live. US News recently came out with it's 'Top 10' Best States To Live In and...Montana didn't make the cut....but I think it should have.

In respect to all of us here in Montana, we did come in at #27 which isn't all that bad considering what is out there.

How do 'they' factor in the rankings? By looking at Health Care, Education, Economy, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability and Quality of Life.

I get how they rank each state, however I do believe Montana should have ranked higher. The opportunities that we as a people have here are not matched by hardly anyone. I personally have lived in numerous states including some that made the top of the list and I lean to Montana as a great place to live.

The 'Top 10' were:

OverallStateHealth CareEducationEconomyOpportunityInfrastructureCrime & CorrectionsFiscal StabilityQuality of Life
#1 Iowa35174115219
#2 Minnesota713203611242
#3 Utah103235814122
#4 North Dakota1410191722321
#5 New Hampshire134111372264
#6 Washington263274392721
#7 Nebraska19921139191114
#8 Massachusetts519144554025
#9 Vermont683163571626
#10 Colorado92012814293110

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