It's not just IN Montana that you will find stupid tourists.

While we were in Mexico, I went to the same cabaña every day. I'd see tons of people strolling the beach from various walks of life. Everyone looking for that special picture that they can show their friends.

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This one guy.

We see the same thing in the park where people try to show you how they were able to make friends with the bison or elk. So, I'm sitting there and some doof is trying to make friends with a pelican. Yeah, he was even holding his arms out trying to mimic the wings of a pelican. He thought, "If I could just show him that I love him and want to be friends we can bond." I'm watching him thinking, "Go for the nuts, go for the nuts."

Credit: Paul Mushaben, TSM
Credit: Paul Mushaben, TSM

Fortunately for him, the pelican got sick of him making a fool of himself and went to a nearby fishing boat to see if there were any scraps. You know the drill, one stupid tourist hoping he gets a shot he can post on Instagram or Facebook that will make him famous. Then he can tell all his stupid friends how he was able to bond with nature and give lessons to others on how to do it.

I'm hoping that next year this dude goes on an African safari. I hear the crocs and lions are fond of tourists who understand them.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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