I was doing my daily research this morning for tomorrow morning's show and I came across something interesting. Hubert H. Humphrey's birthday is May 27 and he's got a ton of stuff named after him, including a couple of elementary schools, a high school, a recreation center and oh, by the way, did you ever hear of the stadium called the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome?

So, I got to thinking about things that should have my name on them. Like a "Mark Wilson" bench on certain golf courses. Put one on the #5 tee box at the Anaconda Hills course in Great Falls. That's the very first hole I ever played back in the '70s. You could also make an argument for placing my bench next to the old equipment barn on that same hole. Heaven knows that I've hit it enough times.

There's a stretch of frontage road alongside I-15 between Wolf Creek and Dearborn, MT that could be mine. I love that drive.

Considering the amount of time and money I've spent at certain establishments,  I should get my name on at least one bar stool at Tiny's Tavern, The Stadium Club, The Rib & Chop House and maybe even the drive-through window at the Heights Taco John's and Taco treat.

Where else should I be remembered?

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