For "One Line Monday" this morning, we asked you to let us know if you were a mountain person or a beach person. Not surprisingly, everybody we heard from is definitely "mountain." That makes sense, given where we live.

I'm a mountain person. There are years on our Mexico trips that I don't ever make it into the water. Akumal has a nice little bar on their beach that has swings for seats. And that's usually as far as I make it.

Our conversation today led to talking about camping. My family did a lot of camping when I was growing up. That's because we were poor. And when you're a kid, going camping isn't as much work as it is for the adults. I mean, as soon as I had my sleeping bag unrolled, it was time to go for a hike or play in the creek.

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We didn't have money to get a camper. But our old pickup held everything that we needed for the weekend.

As the family made more money, we acquired a used 4-person tent that came with almost all of the poles. And this was the 1970s when you couldn't just hop on the internet and order whatever you needed. So, our campsites needed to include a tree or two to make our tent work.

I'm a retired camper at this point in my life. I can't even sleep on people's floors anymore. And I'm a huge fan of running water and indoor bathrooms.

Great memories. But my next camping trip will be in my RV.

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