I saw a post this morning from a lady advising people to move out of their home towns and find themselves and make their own way.

And I mostly agree. My future wasn't mapped out by the time I was 18. I had no plans for college. Couldn't afford it and neither could my folks. And it was all up to me.

So I moved to Missoula to attend college, paying for each semester with what I was making at a pizza place, my radio job, and playing dances on weekends. I couldn't ask my folks for money because they didn't have any. So, I quickly figured out when I needed more money, I just worked more.

I underbid everybody on putting up Christmas lights on a shopping mall. It was small by mall standards, but it still took me and a buddy all day one Saturday to put them all up. But, I needed the money.

I was later fortunate enough to get on driving school bus, which led to driving bus during fire season. Again, because I needed the money.

And moving away from my comfort zone where I was "protected" made me grow up and learn a little work ethic.

And a funny side note. Back in those days, when I moved, I could get everything in 2 trips in my Impala. Good old days, for sure.


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