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If you know me at all, then you know that I OWN tools but rarely use them. But when I got up Saturday morning and had no water coming out of my kitchen faucet, I knew that I might have to get my hands dirty.

My evaluation process was as follows. Turn on faucet, notice no water is pouring out. Next, shut off faucet, then turn it on again just to make sure that this nightmare is really happening. I don't know yet what's broken but I'm pretty sure that I can't buy it on a Sunday.

So, I go downstairs to the area where all that "wellsy/pumpsy" stuff is located. When I took the top off of the box with all of the wires that go to it, I took a look. I'll be a son of a gun. I'll bet that copper ring shouldn't be off of that big round jobber on the top.

During this process, I learned big, round jobbers in boxes like these are called capacitors. And I needed a new one. On a Sunday. Let the search begin.

Heights Ace Hardware doesn't stock them but they knew a place that might. And sure enough, Lowe's did. In fact, I was met at the door by an employee who not only affirmed that they stock one, he walked me right to it. It was about a four-minute shopping experience.

Now, to install it. That sure looks like a lot of wires. I wonder if Nick Carlson works Sundays? He did. It's done. The faucets all do what they are supposed to be doing.

I appreciated my shower yesterday afternoon a little more than I normally did.

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