It seems like there is a lot of interest now since the pandemic in vitamins and supplements. Doctors all around the country are emphasizing the importance of things like zinc, vitamin c, and d, etc. It's an extra boost to your body's natural immune system.

I have always wondered about the benefits of natural vitamins and supplements like ginseng, garlic, etc. . It's pretty much a given how big this industry is, and with the evolution of cannabis ( non-T H C ) the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. So, do they work?

We know cannabis can help with numerous problems sleep problems and others but what about things like Hogs wart and others. Most of these natural things do not go through FDA approval yet people swear by them. There are numerous doctors now that just specialize in homeopathic medicine so there must be some science behind it if there is a degree program for it.

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I think as time passes we will learn more about these products and if they are a scam or not. I wanted to look some of them up and list their benefits but if I do, the pop-ups will come by the thousands trying to sell me every snakebite medicine known to man.

I learned many years ago from a doctor about Pro-biotics before anyone had really heard much about them and he was right. They did everything they said they would and more. So load up I guess and see what it can do for you, everybody has a story I'm sure.

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