There is a bill right now being debated in Helena on the right of a parent to opt-out of a school sex education course. It passed along party lines with all Democrats against your choice. I thought you were the party that believed in choice?

Supporters indicated that it may not reflect their views or values when it comes to sex and that the progressive agenda will be taught. Opponents think it will deprive kids without active parents of the important info they need. Well, then they can take the course. What it comes down to is whether you should have the right to determine what is best for your child. You should have that right, no matter if it's based on your morals or religion. It should be your choice.

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What if there was a civics class that taught the harm and financial burdens that unions put on taxpayers and union members wanted to have their kids opt-out of that? You think the progressives would support that choice? You're damn right they would. Parents should always have the final say on what's best for their children. Period. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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