Maybe I should start a new trend.

Have you ever noticed that when anyone puts a picture on Facebook or Instagram it's always the best they have?

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What do people post?

Let me give you a few examples. I see a lot of pictures of wheat crops and barley crops coming in. Everyone waits until they get into a really good crop patch then SNAP...up it goes. I might start taking some pictures of a green spot or a patch of winter kill.

What about hay? Pictures of all the bales, but none in the field that wasn't so great.

Nobody takes a selfie and puts it up when they first get up in the morning, Nope. It's the perfect picture at the perfect time, that is the truth.

People post their yards when freshly mowed or with flowers bloomed. People love putting up pictures of something they cooked that turned out great, but what about all the experiments that weren't so hot?

Loads of athletic events, too, with them holding medals or trophies but none while losing. Has there ever been a picture of a really small fish? How about a picture of a deer or elk that had a really tiny rack?

Share the failures.

Maybe when we give away our trip this year we'll put up some pictures of all the losers instead of the winners.

Has there ever been a great weekend at the football game if your Cats Or Grizz stink?

The point is:

There is a lot of selling, on Facebook and other sites these days that may not necessarily be the real world we live in...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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