Admiration...that's all I can say.

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Yesterday, I was at the ranch working on my pipeline, putting in some new parts on a day with a beautiful clear deep blue sky when I heard a roar that you don't hear ever. I looked up and there he was, a Blue Angel doing his thing. My Red Angus couldn't wave so I did and immediately the pilot smoked me. I knew he saw me, he then did a turnaround and came right back to me. Directly above my head he turned his F-18 to the heavens and did a roller coaster loop right above me.

At that point, I thought, "What a rush to have the ability to fly like no one else?" The free feeling you must get is nothing short of euphoric.

Happy they're on our team.

Then I thought that there are thousands of men and women who can do that for us and I am so glad they are on our side. Not only that but the people that build the equipment and weaponry that lets us all enjoy our freedom.

Sitting in a cockpit that can move a plane 1,200 miles per hour is like a trip to heaven or at least gets you close to it.

This weekend.

What a great recruiting tool for the Navy and Air Force, too. Not everyone can make the cut, just like being an athlete a doctor, or anything else but once you are there, probably no one would tell you it's not worth the work and dedication.

Watch them in envy this weekend, I know I did...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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