This week in Farmer Finishers I don't know what I was more disappointed in, our lack of measurable rain or the debate. If you listen to the podcast, you can catch all the things I noticed, but it seems to me that our commander-in-chief is not fit to be President. It's sad, really, that people are still pushing this man on voters when he clearly is suffering. Keep in mind he had seven days of rest and nutrition. You know how you feel when you come back from seven days off; this was not good.

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The debate last night did nothing to change how people feel about former President Trump, pro or con. However, I will be surprised if Joe Biden gets the nomination. Don't look for debate number 2 or 3 anytime soon. It goes to show how important the Vice-President pick is. The Democrats know what they have, and I'm not too sure they are all excited about that either. Last night would have been a perfect time for Trump to announce his VP, but it's too late to make a point with that now.

Next week is a big holiday week, but Mark and I will be working like most of you. The long 4th weekend, though, will be nice, and we have a lot of things to blow out next week. Passes for all the events at Roundup, including the Ned LeDoux and Rodney Atkins concerts, plus tickets for all the events for the Red Lodge rodeo, which really is one of the best.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see ya here Monday at 5!

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