Are you offended by people cussing around you? Things are way different today, unlike the old days when you would get your mouth washed out with soap. Myself, I don't like the F-bombs that are thrown around in a public setting, especially around children. It always seems like the people who use them are the loudest in the bunch, too. Other than that, I'm really not offended by it unless it dominates a person's vernacular; then it gets to be a bit much. Sometimes it can actually work and can even be funny at times.

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I have noticed that it's quite common now at an earlier age than was deemed acceptable when we were kids. We used to get detention in school if they heard you cuss. One comment this morning was that parents also must learn when they can and can't. I agree. One person commented that there is a point when it just becomes over the top and that's not acceptable either. Kids are exposed to far more than people 35 and older are, that's for sure, but manners should still be used. I guess knowing when and when not to is the key. There are just certain places and gatherings when it really isn't appropriate either.

I noticed as I get older that there are a lot more things to worry about, but if it is in a crowded place, you should be aware of your surroundings. You should also have some consideration for the people around you. It's not doing much to help with your maturity score either, so suit yourself.

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