First, here are your Friday Fragments:

  • I heard of a lot of concert announcements this week. Garth is going to Salt Lake City. ALL tickets will be the same price (about 95 bucks) no matter where your seat is. Bon Jovi is doing a concert that you have to go to a drive-in to see. The price is 89 bucks per car.
  • My golf tidbit this week was hitting a tree off the tee box on number thirteen at Briarwood. The tree was roughly eighty yards away. Upon impact, it came back seventy yards. I can't wait to golf again.
  • In case you had not heard, the repaving of Main Street in the Heights is only scheduled to last forever.

And finally, our new computer. I haven't struggled so much trying to learn something since I took Latin during my senior year of high school. The first issue is that for the first two weeks, the buttons that I have pressed for twenty years no longer worked. So everything had to be started with the mouse. Fortunately, that was remedied yesterday. God bless you, Dick Jones. So as this old dog is learning new tricks, this particular computer is doing a couple of things that it's not supposed to.

For instance, every song is in our library twice. Once WITH audio. Once without. So, if I try to drag in a song, there's no music because I grabbed the one with all zeroes. Wonderful. Each song is listed by title first, then the artists who sing it. Usually. But on our system, any song can be credited to Brad Paisley. "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Brad Paisley. "All American Girl" by Brad Paisley.

Tech support says, "That's not supposed to happen." I suspected that, actually. But I called to get it fixed. But I'm better on it than I was two weeks ago. And it will get better.

Tune in Monday when we kick off our new "Safe" promotion. We'll be here at 5.

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