This weekend is a great weekend if you love college basketball like I do. It's time for the Selection Sunday show that will set the stage for the NCAA tournament.

I always had a bracket challenge at my house for a hundred bucks, and my dad used to love that. He was always loyal to his home teams, either Xavier or U.C., would be in the final eight. I miss those good times. He would have been 102 next Friday, the 22nd. Which, by the way, we have a big announcement coming that day.

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It also makes me think about how much coaching has changed over the years. There are now coaching jobs available at high schools all around us. Years ago, it was tough to get one. Now it's more like who wants to do it for a little bump, and you don't even have to be qualified.

Political correctness and wokeness have now found their way into sports, especially at the Junior High and High School levels. There aren't as many kids involved or want to try out for the spots anymore, at least with basketball. I remember one year when I was coaching 8th grade, and we had 26 kids try out for the team. I had to make cuts; you just couldn't have that many kids. You would have thought I was John Dillinger to some. It just wouldn't be right to have that many and not fair to the ones who put in all the extra work to improve their skills.

The new progressive AD at the time also told me that practices had to be voluntary with equal playing time no matter if they showed up or not... That was my last year on the hardwood.

Good luck with your bracket, and we'll see ya here Monday at 5.

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