Some like it hot, I do not.

A new Guinness world record was just achieved by a guy who has created a new hot pepper. I don't even know how they came up with the scale that measures it but this new pepper he has grown beat his old record, by a lot. The most amazing part was that he then ate it. If I did that, you would have to bury me.

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I never have been a hot and spicy kind of guy. Some people like it as hot as they can get. The hottest thing I've ever eaten was some kind of Diablo chili back in the late 70s and I've never forgotten it. It literally burned my lip and left a red mark. People used to order bowls of that stuff with no problem.

This hot thing also comes with bragging rights on how long you can go without drinking water, Again, not for me. The man who created this pepper said that the burning continued for 3 and a half hours after he ate it. That sounds like fun.

I do like things that have some spice but the unenjoyable burning? I can do without it. I wonder who has the hottest thing available in Billings. It could be something like a hot wing sauce or somebody's chili.

When you start to sweat and can hardly breathe, you know you have a good one. Then they look at you in all their discomfort and say, wow, you really need to try this. No thanks, I'm a sissy I can hardly handle medium salsa...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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