Who remembers this?  The old Hifi (also known as a record player).  As we were going through 14 plus years of our lives, cleaning out our garage I came across this old record player that was Brett's and his Brother Pat's when they were teenagers (roughly 35+ years ago).

I was going to just chuck it, not knowing if it worked or not, when the Boy (Triston) grabbed on to it and said he wanted it.

You would have thought that he had hit the lottery when he came across 3 boxes full of albums (good old vinyl).

There is everything from Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride, Roger Miller to some obscure Big Band stuff (we're pretty sure the Big Band is his Uncle Pat's).

After a little mechanicing on the speaker wires, and just like that it works.

It does need a new needle, but for the time being, it works just fine.

He couldn't be happier.

I love that he is getting the same enjoyment out of it as his dad and Uncle did when they were young.

Do you still use a record player?



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