I remember a time when talking on the phone meant you had to be at home or insert a coin. Internet? What is that? I also remember the time when we got our first home computer. My house was the hit of the block with all my friends over wanting to play "Oregon Trail" on our non-colored computer screen. Anyone remember a Floppy Disk? I do.

Things are so technically advanced that we can't even go to the bathroom without our smartphone for fear we might miss that latest Facebook post.

I'll be the first to admit that some days I wish I could just shut it all off and hear nothing for an hour. Just one hour.

It seems to me that with all this technology, relationships are hurting. Kids don't know how to fully  socialize. I see two or more people in the same car right here in Billings, all of which are either talking on their phone or texting. Not even a word among them.

Although I love the technology and how convenient it can be, I think it is sad how we have all kind of separated from each other when it comes to face time only to connect with each other with a device. I remember when I wanted to talk with one of my friends I would have to ride my bike to their house and knock on the door just hoping they were home.

Do you embrace all this new technology or do you wish we could go back to Mayberry?

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