The two most common things said to me when I'm out on the town are, "Where's the farmer?" and "Tell Paul...." The second one usually has to do with some stance that Paul has taken on some specific subject but today it's been "Tell Paul that we're sorry about his dad."

Howard Mushaben was on our show multiple times through the years and was witty and sharp as a tack right up until the end of his life yesterday.

I'll be honest. You don't work with somebody for over 30 years without developing some love and respect for his family. I've always said you would understand Paul better once you met his dad.

I feel for Paul's children as they were all very close to grandpa. A very wise lady once told me that you're never ready to lose your dad. Even when he's 98. True story.

Now comes all of the bad stuff associated with funerals, like travel, hotels, and maybe seeing one or two relatives that you haven't talked to in years for good reasons.

Many of the messages that I got this morning said, "Tell Paul that we're thinking of him," and, "This reminds me of when my dad passed." That's certainly what it's done for me. Sunday is the five year anniversary of losing my dad. I've been talking to him a lot lately. It seems like I need his advice these days even more than I did when he was still on earth.

Do me a favor, if you would, please. Take a moment to find Pauls post today about his dad on our website or Cat Country's Facebook page and leave him a short message. I know he'd appreciate it.

Then, if you've still got your folks, give them a hug.

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