As I have mentioned before I live in Billings historic district in one of the renovated brick buildings that was converted to lofts within the last couple of years. The back of my building has a cool deck that backs up right next to the railroad tracks. So I invited a friend of mine over to have a barbeque on the deck and drink beer while watching the BNSF trains roll by. Sounds like a nice Sunday afternoon right? Wrong.

The accuweather forecast on Saturday said on Sunday that it would be sunny with a high of 77 and that the thunderstorms would begin on Monday. But of course we know how accurate meteorologists in Billings are. Barbeque scheduled for 5:30 and of course it started raining at 5. Ugh. I bought potato salad and a $2.88 disposable barbeque grill and everything dammit! Oh well, potato salad has a half-life of about 50,000 years and I can use my disposable BBQ this coming weekend. It was supposed to rain on Saturday but Yahoo weather says it's now going to rain on Friday and be sunny on Saturday. Weeee... why am I not feeling confident?

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