Normally I park my car in the parkade next to Wells Fargo downtown where my car (except for the cold) isn't exposed to the elements. On the weekends however, I like to park my car closer to my apartment for convenient access. Plus the meter maids aren't out on the weekends.

Friday afternoon I parked my car in front of Don Luis on 26 Ave. Then came the torrential thunderstorms with waves of water. I hesitate to call it rain because it came in sheets, not drops. Ironically I didn't take my car anywhere this weekend. Monday morning I went to get in and it smelled like a basement that had been flooded. Then I noticed the carpet was wet on the drivers side only which I found odd. The street in front of Don Luis curves pretty hard toward the curb so it turns out when the downtown streets flooded the water rose about a foot and a half above street level which means my car, like many basements in town, flooded.

In my case I was lucky it was just my car as I also live in a basement apartment. Thankfully the building I live in was designed by the geniuses at High Plains Architects so there's not a drop of moisture at my place. Unfortunately not everyone in Billings was so lucky.

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