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  • It seems like the older that I get, the less that I know. As I sit here today, I don't know what Flakesgiving is going to look like. I don't know how we are going to give our trip to Mexico way. And I really have no idea who our next president will be.
  • But we will know soon. Because on Monday our county health director will let us know what the restrictions will be for gatherings. Then Tuesday morning we will announce how we will do the trip giveaway and how Flakesgiving will hand out 1500 complete holiday meals this year.
  • We had a great time at the Stadium Club Thursday night during our last stop by for our trip. We talked to a large number of people who have listened to this radio station since we started in March of 1988.
  • I'm pretty sure that this is the first time in my life that I've golfed three days in a row in November in my life. Even Birdied 8 North at Pryor Creek for the first time ever. Yes, it was luck.
  • Dear Apple Corporation and the IOS 14 update, can I have control of my iPhone back, please?
  • Forty-Five Guns In Forty-Five Days is coming soon. Make sure that you buy your tickets.
  • Chicago P.D is my new show.
  • I was told by two listeners this week that they wouldn't listen to our station because I asked questions about how legal marijuana in Montana would be regulated.
  • I spent some quality time this week with my daughter teaching her the words to Harry Nilsson's "Put the lime in the coconut," including doing all of the voices.

I snapped a picture after the Huntley Project football game in Townsend last Saturday. Jake Fox was hugging his mom, Jenny, while his younger brother, Ryan stood close by. It was Jake's final high school game. If you're a sports parent, you completely understand the emotions. It's the tens of thousands of miles traveled to attend games. It's the highs of your athlete's successes. It's also the tears during those times when things weren't so good. It's 6 a.m. practices. It's the team dinners. It's how hard it hits you when you realize that it's over. And it went fast.

Love you Fox family.

Have a great weekend.

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