• This week had some snow that we didn't expect which lead to some of the slickest roads that I've seen in years. But it didn't stay. Everybody that I talk to doesn't mind the snow. They just don't want it to start snowing now and then keep snowing until March or April. That makes for long winters.
  • I refuse to even acknowledge the snow that we've had so far. That's why I haven't put the plow on my four-wheeler. So far, it seems to be working.
  • We didn't find out until midweek that we would be able to do our Flakes Trip giveaway party and Flakesgiving. But both events are a "go." And next week is entirely about Flakesgiving. So, anything that you need to know about the event will be covered on-air and on the catcountry1029.com website and our Facebook page.
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  • I've gotten a lot of questions about the cost of the meals this year. They are $26.50 apiece. And once again, we're giving out 1500 complete meals.
  • If you need a meal delivered, call 248-7827 starting Monday, November 16th.
  • My Thanksgiving menu includes prime rib, mashed potatoes, and a fabulous new crockpot green bean casserole with bacon in it. As I try to make sure that I have everything that I need, I went through my kitchen drawers to see if I owned a potato peeler. I didn't. Fear not, my friends. One is on its way to Mark's house. One of my mottos is "Work smarter, not harder." That's why the "Rotato" is coming to my kitchen just in time for the holidays. You just stick your spud on the prongs on the bottom and then let "Rotato" do its magic.

(Just in case you want one, too...)

Have a great weekend.

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