Why don't we all unionize and hold the public hostage?

The UAW is threatening a strike unless they get a 46% raise and reduce their work week to 32 hours while still getting paid for 40 hours. Wow, that's a cushy deal.

The average hourly wage for a UAW worker according to Salary.com is $82 per hour. This equates according to the site to $147,024 to $199,478 a year for their workers. They also are demanding more pensions when they retire. Pay them till they're dead.

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Maybe all of these fields should unionize.

Maybe all farmers and food producers should unionize. Do you think there would be any public outcry if bread was $10 a loaf or hamburger was $12 a pound? What if eggs were $9 a dozen? People would say why that's ridiculous.

Maybe doctors should unionize and imagine the money they could make. How about all restaurant workers? Imagine a mandatory $30 tip required for each time you are waited on. How about daycare workers? Raise your rate to $25 per hour for each child. Why not?

The true purpose.

Unions were formed back in the 20s and 30s to help with the working conditions and dangers that they faced in the factories and manufacturing process, not to elevate you into wealth. The thing about it is people have to have transportation and they will price people out.

It's got to stop somewhere.

This vicious circle we are in will have to stop eventually or businesses like government will go broke. Anyone who makes that money ought to be able to save for their own retirement. We are obligated for all the promises we made to those in the workforce now but things have to change for the future or we are going to crash...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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