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I'm looking out the window and I'm awful curious about several things. First of all, who is going to be our next president? And how long until we find out?

Are masks going to be part of our reality forever? I hope not.

Is the ramped up cleaning of shopping carts and golf carts going to continue? I sure hope so.

And maybe the most wonderful development out of this entire pandemic is that now, not only will somebody do your grocery shopping for you, but they even bring it outside and put them in your vehicle for you. Are you kidding me? If I so choose, I never have to go into another grocery store for the rest of my life. That's a couple of good things together.

First win there is I don't have to wander the aisle of the store trying to figure out why the Au jus isn't right next to the ketchup. And secondly, the money that I spend on impulse buying is substantial. With the money that I'll save, I can now afford another house. A big one. With lots of garage space.

Then, we need to start thinking about what musical act we want to reopen Metra. And will we ever see 10,000 butts in seats for a concert there again? I sure hope so.

I'm sure that everybody has got different ideas on who they would like to see. I want Sugarland to come back. And this time I want to hear "Joey."

I know. That seems petty, but I like the song.

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