A news story this morning told us how much time and money people were spending on their yards during the pandemic. The question is now that it's over, will they continue?

Chances are they won't. A couple of factors come to mind. One, they don't have as much time on their hands anymore now that they are back to work. Two, things are more expensive now with costs going up like they have. In 2022, the average homeowner spent $661 on lawn and gardening activities. Landscapers and others have to deal with higher labor costs now. I'll bet you can't get your yard mowed for $5 anymore.

Believe it or not, I love yard work, and always have, but my time is limited. I think that people have a lot of pride in their property and want it to look as nice as possible. I really admire that and I'm betting the inside looks as good as the outside.

I'm limited by water; I plant some flowers and things, but that's about all I can do with saved rainwater. I can't water the yard like many, but if I could, I would.

Yardwork and gardening are so good for you too. Fresh air, exercise, vitamin D, and a good night's sleep after working on it all day. Plus, the self-esteem boost when someone tells you how nice your place looks is worth all the time and effort. And with today's prices, there's nothing like fresh tomatoes or sweet corn that is homegrown.

Start getting dirty; it's worth it.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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