Time to pay.

Student loan payments must resume again as the COVID break has run out today. So, the people who entered into a legal contract and borrowed money for a product or service will have to start making their payments again.

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Students and former students are screaming again about not getting their free money. Tough, you entered into the agreement, and you live up to your end of the bargain.

Here's the thing.

The government has to get out of the loan business, if they did the cost of college would be forced to come down. So many people were able to work their way through college and make it work.

If you need help, great, but live up to your obligation. Down the road, all of the other loans you enter into will not be as forgiving. In fact, if you don't pay you will lose your house or your car. You might even lose your phone if you borrowed money and financed that. No way, not my phone, yup that's how it works. You borrow, you pay it back. Maybe next time you won't borrow so much or be a little more responsible with that big chunk of money they loaned you.

The facts.

How much proof do you need? Look at the credit card loans people take every month. That's all that is, a loan, not free cash.

I know that if I was struggling, there are plenty of things that I know I could live without for extra money. The question is, do you have the discipline to make the right move? If you do it will help you down the road...

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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