I usually do nothing over the 4th. Many things go into that. First, it's always in the middle of haying season, and it's time to make hay unless it rains, which usually never happens. Plus, when you're by yourself and no kids are around anymore, there is no incentive to do anything.

One of the things, though, is that for me, it's somewhat like New Year's Eve—amateur's night. On the 4th, everyone who enjoys the same activities as you do is all out at the same time, and things get too crowded and dangerous. Just a few days ago, two people were seriously hurt at Cooney on jet skis. I've been there before, not on the 4th, and it was a madhouse. You have people fishing and water skiing at the same time. Take all of that and now add jet skis, and you have an accident waiting to happen. It's just too small to handle all of that at the same time on a holiday.

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Maybe Cooney can start having dedicated days for each activity. In other words, every other day is for fishing only, and the other day is for boats and jet skis. It would cut down on all the confusion and havoc on the waters and give everyone a day. Plus, Cooney is close, which makes it even more inviting because you can go for the day and still make it home.

Maybe paint your house and do yard work this weekend, and go fishing and camping on the 12th of July.

Stay safe, and see you tomorrow at 5.

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