This week Farmer Finishers should have a different title because this weekend the farmers' and ranchers' jobs won't be finished. It's going to be nonstop trying to keep up with the weather and all of its problems. That's ok, we can handle it and that's what we signed up for.

Speaking of signing up I'll bet there are a few more people out there that wish they would have signed up to either win or go on the Flakes trip. It's only two weeks away and I know after this little battle with sub-zero everyone is ready to go.

I wish more schools would have canceled their weekend activities too because it's just not worth the risk. Not only for the students and players but also for everyone that goes to the games, the officials, and people working at the schools, is just too risky. I pray we don't have any bad news on Monday. If the ski resorts are closing because of the weather, maybe the games should be cancelled also.

Oh, and a little bit of good news, so far this year our Flakesgiving fund contributions are up over 8% from last year. We were kind of worried when we read because of inflation charitable contributions were down. We are so humbled how you great folks continue to give so generously and believe in what we do. Even if we have a week of weather when it is 30 below zero, this truly is the best place to live and the people make it that way.

Stay safe and warm this weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

The Sights You May Have Missed At Flakesgiving 2023

This year, the Flakes once again came together with the help of many loyal Cat Country listeners, to distribute 1,350 turkey meal boxes to the greater Billings area! If you got a Flakesgiving box, we hope you enjoy it. Otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving to all this week! Enjoy it with family, friends, and whomever you can.

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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