Have you ever eaten a turkey burger? What is the best way to cook it?

I tried it for the first time ever the other night. I have been on a diet, through Billings Last Diet. It's the same diet I did about a year and a half ago.  I was very, very successful with my weight loss then, however, I didn't make the changes and smart choices I needed to make to keep the weight off. I had gained a little over half the weigh back and decided it was time to take control. I went back to Billings Last Diet and they started me back on the diet. We call it a reboot.

I have of course been eating healthy and paying attention to carbs, sugars, good fats etc. The other night I thought, I needed to spice things up in my daily meal plans, I mean, you can only eat so much chicken and peppers. I bought some turkey burger and tried to make it like a regular hamburger on the grill (fail). The consistency was so different and the flavor was really bland.

I need some advice. How do you cook turkey burger? Give me recipes or spices to kick it up a notch.

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