With all of the abuse that my body has taken over the years, I have been very fortunate that I can still function normally. Over the last couple of years, an old four-wheeler injury is starting to act up. I crashed at 35mph and really took a tumble. It compressed things in my back so much that now I think I need alignment.

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My problem is I have never been to a Chiropractor and I don't know if they work for people. I have talked to some folks that have said they are miracle workers and then I have talked to some that have said it's a waste of time and a massage did them more good than an alignment.

It would be interesting to hear from a few of you about your experiences with them. I realize that everyone is different so what's good for some might not be good for others.

  • Once you have something fixed do you still have to keep going back or do things stay where they should?
  • Are the differences noticeable right away?
  • Do you have to retrain your body and muscles?

It use to be where I was bulletproof but now I think it's time I try something. I did get a cortisone shot last year and that worked great for a full year but has since worn off.

I know, my son is an orthopedic surgeon, but he says that they really can help some people and that's why I'm asking. Maybe if I lift and throw about 1500 thirty-pound boxes this Friday and can loosen things up a little. LOL.

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