A far better day yesterday than the previous four days.

I finally had a chance to re-group and get caught up on getting things all ready for the next big one. The one thing that I didn't have to worry about last night was dinner. I still had some chuck roast and gravy left over from Sunday. This is one of the things that always seems to be better on the second night.

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What's best the second time around?

There is a lot of stuff that just seems to get better the second time. Many soups are like that after they have had the chance to age a day with everything mixed. Chili is another. Usually, meats are not as good. A steak, for instance, is never as good the next day if you reheat it. I do like chicken better the next day, though, after it is cold and in the fridge. Other dishes like lasagna hold up well for a couple of days, too.

I'm sure many of you have a favorite second time around that is a lot better than the first. Deserts are always better on the first day but I don't eat many of them. Pie is always better the first time around than the second. Same with cookies if you happen to bake those. I'm into stuff that I can get a lot of life out of.

That brisket that we fixed over Christmas held up well. In fact, I ate that for about a week and it was still pretty good. I have part of my old man in me that if it's still good you never throw it out.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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