• My homeowner's insurance went up $350 from what it was last year. Thank you hail storms.
  • This morning I paid $3.29 a gallon for premium.
  • Firehouse Subs has opened. I'm wondering how many places in town there are where you can get a sub sandwich. If you count steak sandwiches and all those that are served on a sub bun in every restaurant in town. That's a lot of competition.
  • I think we went a whole week without being offended by either a toy or cartoon character.
  • I firmly believe that there were more reasons that the higher-ups at Billings Clinic pulled their support of a proposed medical school than somebody calling somebody "token."
  • Foreigner tickets are on sale but I'm going to wait to buy mine. I'm getting tired of buying premium seats in advance only to have the shows postponed or canceled. I'm talking to you, Sheryl Crow. You too, Kenny Chesney.
  • Speaking of concerts, I'm guessing that Toby Keith's "Country Comes To Town" for a show on May 22nd will be a gigantic party. Although, I don't know who will be pouring beer or what those beers will cost. I also don't know what capacity will be allowed at his show.
  • Have you bought any ammunition lately? Me neither. But I understand that gun sales by first-time gun buyers is accounting for about 40% of the purchases since the pandemic started according to the NSSF.
  • If you missed it this week, Dolly Parton was honored by many of her music industry peers as the "MusiCares person of the year." You won't be able to see it on network television but you will be able to "Islands In The Stream" it. Thank you.

We are back Monday morning at 5 a.m.

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