These people just shoot from the hip with no regard for what others are going through. Everyone who owns property just experienced an increase in their property taxes without a vote.

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They cleverly use these re-evaluations to increase tax revenue. You are paying a tax on unrealized value that you will only experience if you eventually sell your home. Then, if you do sell you will have to pay most likely capital gains taxes on top of that.

Earlier in the year, voters overwhelmingly turned back that huge levy of 147 million dollars of recreational wishes. Now the Metra wants to build another outdoor venue after we just demolished the old one a few years ago.

I remember at the time I suggested refurbishing it but the argument was it would cost 2 million dollars and it wasn't worth it. Well, now they are floating the idea of a new outdoor facility for concerts and dirt shows like motocross, etc. Officials said it's not cost-friendly to move dirt into the Metra anymore. Even the commissioners said the county has other priorities right now, which means more taxes, but they support it maybe by 2025.

In the words of dirt sport enthusiasts: WHOA. The property taxpayers of Yellowstone County can only absorb so much. With so many other priorities, it's reckless to even consider this as a project within 2 years. Maybe if we consolidate our governments here instead of having both city and county entities, we would have more money for the things on top of the list.

It's time to change a lot of things here or we will all go broke and work til July 15th instead of May 15 just to pay our taxes.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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