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One of the most common feuds between the airstaff and the powers-that-be is what songs are going to get played.

We, the airstaff, want a wider variety of both songs and artists. Ownership and management don't care what you want. Play the songs we schedule.

I understand that new artists are going to come along. My dad was a program director in this business for forty years. He always told me, "While those other stations are playing a brand new song, we're playing a hit."

For me, the music part of what we do is important. My argument is about which artist would sell more concert tickets if they came here and played the Metra? Alan Jackson or Carly Pearce? (I think the answer is obvious.) Then, why do we play more of her than him?

Many years ago I was driving home after work and a question came to me. Did we not have any George Strait songs scheduled this morning? Nope. Sure didn't. George. Freakin. Strait. I threw a hissy fit. Didn't do any good, but it made me feel better.

So many great artists come and go but most don't stick around forever and eventually, they don't get their songs played anymore.

Artists like Patty Loveless, Vince Gill, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Collin Raye, Neal McCoy, Sawyer Brown, LeAnn Rimes, and the list just goes on and on.

This progression tells me that I am ultimately destined to do my own old country music show. I'm not sure who I'd do that with but I know that she'll be gorgeous.

Who do you miss on the radio?

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