#1. The people. Billings has the friendliest, most welcoming and hardest working people in the United States. The salt of the earth. Recently the battery in my car went out and even though I had AAA and didn't need their help at least 3 people stopped to help.

#2. The natural beauty. The "Rims" are one of the most unique geological formations in the world and in late fall and early winter when the sky is clear and the sun goes down at just the right angle they look like they been lit on fire... one of the most beautiful sights in the world to behold! Also, within an hour or two drive is Little Big Horn, Red Lodge, Bozeman, the Gallatin River, Dinosaur Caves State Park and Lake Elmo.

#3. The weather. Now I realize some people are going to think I'm crazy BUT (even though it's snowing right now) for as far north as we are here in Billings it stays much warmer here in the winter than most people would think. When we get snow it usually melts within a few days. From mid-March through October it's usually very pleasant in the Magic City.

#4. The outdoor activities. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, bike trails, hiking, fishing, hunting and more are some of the great perks of living in Big Sky Country.

#5. We are located far from the hustle and bustle of major population centers so we avoid the pollution, crime and high housing prices associated with those places but it we want to visit a Seattle, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Portland, Phoenix, San Francisco or Los Angeles it's usually a reasonably priced plane ticket no more than a couple of hours away.

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