We're seeing stories all around America over the last two months about the heroes, the heroes of our country. And this gets under our skin a little bit. Well, maybe not everybody but it gets under mine a little bit. Heroes: the medical workers, the policemen, the firemen, the people doing the testing. They're all the heroes. Now we're seeing things like food shortages and people are starting to panic a little bit. Has anybody ever called a farmer or rancher in this country a hero that you know of? I've never heard it.

You know what happens if you don't eat? You die. Plain and simple. End of story. You want to see what happens when you don't eat and you don't have food available?

Look at places like Africa. Look at things down in South America. These people die every day. They're starving. Their health fades. You can't fend off disease when you're malnourished. Farmers and ranchers and people in agriculture never get called heroes, never get credit for supplying you food each and every day. People just expect it to be there. People don't know why there's a food shortage. Now they don't even understand our food chain.

The President, once in a while, says he loves the great farmers and ranchers of this country that produce food. But what about the other things that farmers contribute to. You know, all those clothes, all those textiles? Those just start growing in a tube, right? You know that's agriculture, right? All these cloth masks--the yarn, wool, or cotton used to make them--where do you think all that comes from? If you don't know you're naive.

Some say farmers and ranchers are jerks. Say that with a piece of food in your mouth.

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