Wow what a week as we wrap it up with Farmer Finishers.

To start it off right, all of your buddies back in Washington spent one trillion dollars this week. That's right -- just this week. The biggest part is $789 billion is part of their fight against inflation bill that spends government money and creates new taxes. Great.

We found out this week that most people are in favor of NO DOGS ALLOWED at the Farmer's market. Makes sense really when you think about it, really not a good spot for a dog. By the way if I see a dog in a vehicle during this weather, I would definitely get it out or bust the window, as most people would do.

We also found out that the loud sucking sound you heard was my article on the best music icon movies, nobody cared.

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Did you read the article on food labels yet? Find out the truth about expiration dates.

John is still in second place in the NBA2k All-Star balloting. You can vote for Witness for another week or so.

Clint Black tickets went on sale today and will probably sell out due to all the CB's we got on game day this week. I'm not the only one by the way that didn't find Mark's story on Cledus Maggard interesting.

157 days till Christmas and less than 200 until the Flakes trip.

They'll be 65 different vendors at Absarokee days, that's all day tomorrow, fun time. And remember that Absarokee is one of the toughest Montana towns to spell. Unless your from north of town they say it's Tallahassee...

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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