Stories about life on the ranch, kids growing up, and commentary on local issues you care about.

Here are the top 10 stories you read the most from Paul in 2021:

My Daughter is Tying the Knot. New Traditions are Interesting.

"The wedding traditions themselves are very different now as well. For instance, you can now have anyone you want officiate the wedding. I didn't know that you just go down get the official 'I can marry you thingy' and you're all set..."

Frustration and Hopelessness Among Montana Farmers and Ranchers

"This has been a year unlike any other we have had in recent memory. The frustration and dismal outlook for a good year in agriculture is all too real..."

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Finally, Action Taken Against Smash-and-Go Robberies

"I know that this type of reckless behavior would never be tolerated where we live. The people would rise up and help. I know the Billings police department would never let that stand..."

Will You Vaccinate Your 60-Month-Old Child?

"The bottom line is it's your child and parents and their doctors should make the decision. Not a President, not a Governor, not a superintendent of schools. You..."

Shipping Day at Mushaben Ranch in Montana, The End of Our Year.

"It's shipping day. We'll be loading the calves up and sending them to market. It signifies a year's worth of work that has been a huge challenge this year, to say the least..."

Sadly, Billings' Oldest Radio Show May Be Calling It Quits

"As I started my drive into work with my eyes wide open looking for deer, I thought, 'Paul, you can't keep this up. You have to slow down.' As sad as it may be, I think that this may have to be my last run on the air..."

Anger? Understatement. A Kid Drove Across My Property to Hunt.

"It has been a tough and trying year for people in agriculture. Yesterday I finished seeding and on my way home I saw a car turn into my less than 24-hour seeded field and drive down my wheat to hunt..."

Heads Up Travelers Out of Billings

"Here we are, April 2 already, and now that vaccines are increasing and lockdowns are easing people are getting the itch. Travel, vacations, and camping are all on people's agenda..."

Jeff Dunham at Metra Park March 23rd. How Much Would You Pay?

"At what point during a ventriloquist show do you get your phone out turn the light on and sway to the rhythm of the joke?"

I'm Selling a House in Bozeman, After 9 Years It's Hard to Let Go

"It's always hard to let go of things like a home, or at least, it is for me. I have trouble getting rid of cows that have been around for a while, but that's life. She served us well and now just the memories remain and a garage full of furniture..."

Words and Phrases That Prove Montanans Have an Accent

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